Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kumi in Aussie 2010
April 19 - May 12

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Day 15
Library and park.

Day 14Took the train to Central station, walked to Darling Harbour and visited Wildlife World, then took the people mover to Paddy's Market.
The first (and only) visit to a McDonalds in Aussie.
Riding the people mover
We got to touch a Kangaroo

Day 13
Another quite day. Park & grocery shopping.

Day 12
A quiet day. Park and Library

Day 11
Had lunch a German restaurant called the Concordia Club with Niranjan, his family and friends. It was a kid friendly place, with live music and dancing. After that Kumari and I took the train to the city and the ferry to Manly. Kumi had loads of fun at the beach.

Day 10
Went to the botanical gardens, in downtown Sydney.

Day 9
Went with seeya to the dentist. While he was with the dentist, we went to a Turkish food place. We had chicken kabab and Turkish bread right out of the oven. It was oh so good!


Day 8
Stayed local.

Day 7
We took the train to the city and enjoyed a beautiful day.

Day 6
Today was a quite day. We went for a walk in downtown Padstow, to the library and the park.

Day 5We went to the IKEA store during the day. Made another trip to the park later.

At the IKEA store.

Day 4Today we went to Niro's parents place for lunch. We left at 8:30 am and got back around 6:30 pm. It took about an hour to get there. We took 2 trains. There were 3 other little girls there & Kumi had a lot of fun. Sierra in the middle is Niro's brother's daughter. They live in New Zealand.

Day 3
We met my friend Niro in the city and took the ferry to Watson's Bay. Kumi had fun playing on the beach. Niro's daughter Maya is 3 months younger than Kumi.
Niro & Maya

Day 2
We went to a local church that had play time from 10:00-12:00. Kumi had a lot of fun. There was play time, craft time,singing time & eating time.

Day 1

On the train from Sydney airport to Ayomi's place.

On the Plane

San Antonio

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